Visual Artist

mixed media

My name is Liliana Francisco and I was born in Luxembourg in 1990. Although I'm of Portuguese descent, I was raised in Luxembourg and currently split my time between my hometown and Lisbon. As a visual artist, I work with collage, photography and painting, blending these mediums to create thought-provoking pieces.

In my art, I explore the current zeitgeist and societal issues, aiming to reflect and question the world around us. I'm particularly interested in exploring the duality of personal thoughts and emotions, often portraying this through transformations and distortions of the human body. 

Through my work, I strive to spark conversations and inspire viewers to reflect on the complexities of modern life. Each piece serves as a window into my perspective, inviting others to engage in a dialogue about the intricacies of human experience.

Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Cultural Studies

Co-founder of La Concierge, ASBL

Photo: Self-portrait | Luxembourg, 2017.

Collective exhibition: Distortions 

Solo collage exhibition : Colar direito por linhas tortas

Collective exhibition : Inertie Anxieuse 

Zine Volume 1

Commissioned paper collage: Love me, love me not

Interview for Tageblatt Luxembourg 

Educational Project : Lumière et Développement                                                                                    

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